Project Mondo: Created a platform to connect adolescents with niche interests

To aid in social networking with teenagers by fostering relationships across the world.

Team: Alethea Campbell, Christine Whitlock, Ilana Weiss, Alex Krasser and Jessica Li


What is Mondo?

Together with a group of peers in the class HT-123, Informal Learning, at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, we developed an idea for an application and website called Mondo. 

Mondo is the word for “world” in Esperanto. A language invented over a century ago to foster cross-cultural conversation and global citizenship. Mondo will connect teens around the world through an interests-based social media platform, in combination with face-to-face cross-cultural experiences. 

Our platform will empower users to develop and share their unique cultural stories with others. Based on their individual interests, Mondo will actively connect users across cultural barriers, encouraging meaningful engagement through scaffolded conversation and collaborative challenges. 

Mondo’s mission is to help teens develop an awareness of others in the world as they develop and express themselves.

Mondo, Prototype 1.0, Wireframe:

User design interface description: 

I designed the wireframe is to be viewed on an iPhone7 plus. The overall design is influenced by apps already used by teenagers such as Skype, Instagram, and Snapchat. The color palate includes the colors, Hex Color # 2529C5, and Hex Color # 65CE6A. Deliberately chosen to mimic similar colors to a globe but intended to remain attractive to teenagers. There is limited text on buttons so it can be translated into many languages with ease. Also, symbols and Font Awesome are used to maintain a universal understanding of the meanings of button actions without written language. Most buttons are large and placed in the bottom fourth of the screen. This design is to help those struggling with dexterity and eyesight, in addition to utilizing the most used space of a phone. The wireframe seen above is the first prototype and remains to be tested with teenagers. 

Fonts used in wireframes:


Course: Harvard University, Informal Learning

*Please note this project was created by a team in a 2-week course intensive.