What can we create to benefit society?

“We develop technology that will give people happiness,” Hong said. “We don’t do work just because we have research funding; we don’t do work because it’s just fun. We only do work when it can actually have an impact on society.”
— ALLISON ONG, Professor guides students in innovating robots that benefit society

If your robot doesn’t fall and break, you don’t learn anything
— DENNIS HONG, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at UCLA

How do you reflect on failure?

“If you have little failures along the way and have them understand that’s part of learning, and that you can actually derive useful information about what to do next, that’s really useful,” Dweck said.

She believes families should sit around the dinner table discussing the day’s struggles and new strategies for attacking the problem. In life no one can be perfect, and learning to view little failures as learning experiences, or opportunities to grow could be the most valuable lesson of all.
— Katrina Schwartz