My Design Story

For the last 17 years of my life, I have been a photographer. In middle school, I started spending my summer in the black and white analog darkroom at my soon to be high school. By high school, after classes and during every study hall, I was back in the darkroom. Initially, it was about the process of creating. In art school, my images seemed to have more weight than the process of discovery. Overtime my style had developed, though I continue to ask the same questions. In my photography portfolio, you can see photographs of people in a documentary-like the style, though most images capture an element of feeling similar to if the subject is staged. Viewers of my work could see how I was playing with ideas of curiosity.


One could say that my relationship to photography was traveling between affective responses of an aesthetic experience and an experience of meaning. Previously in my work, I engaged with a design from a more artistic point of view, and more recently I have been trying to look more at the meaning and function of the design and how it exists in space. Art can change how you think, but a good design provides the capacity to change how you engage and experience the viewed object.   

How can design shape how we interact with those around us? In search of understanding what were the social signaling cues to others, like me. A recurring question of mine is, how is the human interaction with an object sparking curiosity? I believe that curiosity is part of the emotional experience that compels us to stay engaged with an object, to maintain an intrinsic pleasantness. Though, how can object allow us to ask questions continuously, and maintain engagement?



Learning Experiences

We are always learning and iterating, view some of my learning content.

Design Experiments:

"An emerging discipline, learning experience design (LX) draws from other disciplines including experiential learning, cognitive psychology, interaction design, user experience design, instructional design and design thinking."


User Experiences

See my process of personalizing a product to improve the usability, accessibility, and pleasure of an interaction with a product.

Design Experiments:

"UX design is the process used to determine what the experience will be like when a user interacts with your product."




Desirability is endlessly fascinating; it changes as we age, engage with new experiences, and as the social/political landscape continues to morph. Aesthetics are the first step to engagement, though the ability to spark an eternal nature of curiosity is everlasting. What are tools that aid engagement with materials? What are tools that allow for all users to access the same content? What are ways other designers make visuals more tangible?

As a passionate learner, I wonder and create designs that encourage an active and visceral emotional experience. Over the years, I have had many different jobs, but my questions always remain the same. As the landscape changes, my questions develop differently. In my design process, I hope to continue to investigate how to share engaging information in a way that sparks curiosity and builds empathy together in a community.



Documented Stories

Official images of photographic stories explores in my art.

Making Stories

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Imagined Stories

The adage, "I'll believe it when I see it," rings true. Discover ideas and wonderings yet to be real.